Progress All Around and a Throw Back Thursday!

Progress every day. This photo is the new internal elevator shaft in the Pulliam Community Building. Soon you will see the front steps rebuilt. We need everyone to help with the capital fundraising campaign. Donations now are matched by the city.



Throw Back Thursday

Check out this photo of the Northern Baptist Convention, sometime in the 1940’s. Now the American Baptist Churches USA. Does anyone have any more information about this little piece of Pulliam Building history? Imagine the possibilities of a restored Pulliam and the traffic large conventions like this could bring to Downtown Loveland!


More progress on construction at our community building. Front steps being restored. Sewer had to be moved for elevator. Elevator shaft is in. Second egress tower footers are poured. And temporary heating is in place. Phase two has started and donations now can help with our goal to raise enough to open building for limited use in 2020.