Enterprise Zone Benefits

The Pulliam Community Building Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, and the Pulliam project is in a Larimer County Enterprise Zone. These two tax benefits reduce your out-of-pocket gift.

Illustration of Potential Tax Benefits and Gift Impact

City Match of $10,000
Gift of $10,000
Federal tax savings from deduction3,7009,25037,000
Colorado tax savings from deduction4631,1584,630
Colorado Enterprise Zone tax credit2,5006,25025,000
Total tax savings$6,663$16,658$66,630
After-tax cost of gift$3,337$8,342$33,400
Total Project Benefit
Consult your tax advisor.

Assumes donor is in the top 37% federal income tax bracket, itemizes his or her deductions, and is subject to the Colorado 4.63% state income tax. Even lower bracket taxpayers can benefit.

Remember: because of the significant potential tax benefits, a $100,000 gift may only cost $33,400 and it controls $200,000 in the project budget! That is a pledge of $20,000 per year over the next five years.