The Current Status

This City owned facility is quiet—very quiet. Few people use the 23,000 gross square feet because of code, safety and accessibility requirements.

On the other hand, Loveland needs a revitalized place to call home for civic and community uses.

Revitalization of this downtown gem will:

  1. Preserve a significant part of Loveland,
  2. Improve the financial impact for taxpayers, and
  3. Get our citizenry back into its own community building.

The Foundation and City have made significant commitments to build upon downtown momentum. They believe in the value of the Pulliam Community Building.

The Plan

Phase I & II

The first two phases of initial construction have been completed by the City of Loveland. They used $1.25 million in grants from the Pulliam Community Building Foundation; a $326,000 grant from the Department of Local Affairs; and matched that with funds from the City of Loveland.

Renovations so far total $3.7 million. Work included an internal elevator, two external egress towers, and a host of utility improvements such as electrical, plumbing, and building accessibility. Construction has stopped as preparations are made for the final phases of renovations.


Final Phases

Final renovations are estimated by the city to be $8.2 million. Then the building can be reopened and used by the community. Below is a list of the improvements scheduled to complete the project.

Remodel Front Right
  • A new plaza entrance
  • Refinished auditorium hardwood floor
  • Freshly remodeled walls
  • New directional lighting and sound
  • Refurbished balcony, railing, and seating
  • Restored lobby and repair of Terrazo floors
  • Vintage lighting and restoration
  • Remodeled Art Deco style throughout
  • New handicap accessible restrooms
  • Stage accessibility
  • New heating and cooling systems
  • Remodeled basement
  • New catering kitchen
  • Remodeled front offices
  • Remodeled meeting rooms
  • New marquee
  • Landscaping
  • New furniture and equipment
  • Updated plumbing
  • Repaired roof
  • Restored windows
  • Removal of environmental hazards
  • New exterior lighting
  • New AV equipment
  • ...and much more to make the building comfortable, attractive, and usable for our community.