Virtual Tour

Take a visual tour of the Pulliam Community Building as it exists NOW and see the beauty that simple architecture provides.

Notice the Lamella truss system that supports the roof and adds a unique design element. It is a beautiful and functional feature not seen in modern buildings. See how the design is replicated in the terrazzo floor of the lobby.

The auditorium we be able to hold 200-300 people in a banquet or maybe 600 in a concert. Removal of the seating has turned the room into a multi-purpose room to fit the current needs of the community.

More importantly imagine what events you will attend in the future. It might be a rock concert, a fund raiser, or a political rally. Whatever it is, it will be good to see our community back in the building.

Interested in seeing the Pulliam Building in person?  Contact us to schedule a tour with one of our volunteers.