Good Clean Fun

I grew up in Loveland when there were only 3 grade schools and LHS. The 50’s were the best years of our lives to enjoy the small town atmosphere and laid back lifestyle. Made lots of lasting friendships and enumerable memories which have served me well over my many years. As a young teenager going from junior high into high school I thoroughly enjoyed going to Wigwam every Friday night after each Loveland Indians sporting events that week. I don’t recall who one of our fellow students was, but presume an upperclassman who had drove his VW Beetle to Wigwam and parked it in the alley behind the Pulliam building. While he was in the basement dancing or socializing, some of his classmates slipped outside and set his car up on cinder blocks so the wheels didn’t touch the ground. We all waited and watched with baited breath to see him come out after Wigwam and go to to his car. He started the engine, put it in gear and goosed the throttle to go nowhere. He tried several times to get the car going but to no avail. He finally got out of his bug and walked around the car to see the cinder blocks under the frame. Everyone just hollered with great delight. He finally pleaded with the perpetrators long enough that they took pity on him and set his car back on the ground. This story circulated senior high for a long while afterwords. Maybe the joke was actually on us as bystanders because we missed a lot of good time we could have been dancing with the girls inside while being distracted by the shenanigans going on outside. Anyhow, just another case of good clean fun in our formative years.

– Dallas Kalahar