About Us

The Pulliam Community Building Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, is at the focal point of the Restore Pulliam project. We are working in partnership with the City of Loveland.

Campaign Co-Chairs

Harry Devereaux
Pam Osborn
Doug Rutledge

Steering Committee

Lu Ball
Ty Dannenbring
Marie DeWolf
Barry Floyd
Mary Gullikson
Paul Hummel
Heather Loeb
Dale Osborn
Diana Precht
Terry Precht
Norm Rehme
Mike Scholl
Lawrence Weedin

Board of Directors

Norm Rehme, President
Lu Ball, Vice-President
Mary Gullikson, Secretary
Dennis Hogsett, Treasurer
Barry Floyd
Joe Palieri
Evan Patterson
Jon-Mark Patterson
Mike Scholl
Sarah Warnock
Marty Wilson
Kathi Wright