Pulliam Community Building Foundation

Take a 3D Tour


Click Here to see an interactive walk through of the Pulliam Building. It is much like Google maps. Click on a circle and use your mouse to look up and down and all the way around. It is unbelievable!


This tour was created by Jackson Whelan of www.northerncolorado3d.com.


Take a visual tour of the Pulliam Community Building as it exists NOW and see the beauty that simple architecture provides.


Notice the Lamella truss system that supports the roof and adds a unique design element. It is a beautiful and functional feature not seen in modern buildings. See how the design is replicated in the terrazzo floor of the lobby.


Count the seats. You should get 540 on the floor and about 150 in the balcony. In May of 2017 the seating was removed. This will make it possible to have a wide variety of events in the auditorium.


More importantly, image what events you will attend in the future. It might be a rock concert, a fund raiser, or a political rally. Whatever it is, it will be good to see our community back in the building.


Video Animation


Watch a short video that highlights possible renovations that could restore the Pulliam. Click Here


Select a photo to see slides.