Pulliam Community Building after renovation.  
      Returning Community to the Pulliam Building


A community effort is underway to revive and renovate the historic Pulliam Community Building at 545 North Cleveland in Loveland, Colorado.

The Pulliam Community Building Foundation., a non-profit 501(c)3, is at the focal point of the Pulliam Building Renovation project in partnership with the City of Loveland.

It is vital that we preserve, reuse, and care for this solid asset at the core of our community. With everyone's help, we can see life return to the auditorium of the Pulliam Building.

Why is this Project Important?

NEW! Watch this video animation to see the future of the Pulliam Building.


If you agree that this is the greatest opportunity for the building's success, please complete a pledge today and encourage others to support this effort. Thanks!

Important! If you have already contributed to the Foundation and not received an acknowledgement, please contact us. We had an email problem and were not notified of who made some contributions. Every contributor is important to our success!



Project Goals

Constructed in the 1930s for use as a community center, the Pulliam auditorium now sits, twiddling her thumbs, under-utilized in downtown Loveland. We need to awaken this sleeping beauty. The rest of the building is used, but well below its potential.

Repurposing and remodeling —with air-conditioning, handicap accessibility, restoration and "green" efforts, safety enhancements and upgraded amenities—will revive the spacious auditorium and grand structure. A broad spectrum of events will be hosted in the domed events center, invigorating the core business community located in the heart of Loveland.

Watch here for more details as they develop. Contact us if you need more information or would like to be involved in the "center" of our community.

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