Pulliam Community Building after renovation.  
      Returning Community to the Pulliam Building

Plan and Presentations

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City Council Update Presentation

January 10, 2014

This presentation updated all the City Councilors on the progress of the building project. Please note the incredible benefits to both the community and the City.

Historic Structural Assessment

September 16, 2013

This document is the most extensive study of the Pulliam Community Building since it was constructed 75 years ago.

The HSA digs into the qualities of the building from many aspects--historical, structural, and practical. Glaser and Associates has gone beyond the traditional HSA requirements. This report shows in detail what it will take to bring the building up to code and realistic functionality.

If you wish to see all the Appendies, please contact us.

Project Analysis, Plan, and Operating Structure

July 1, 2012

This document is currently under review by the city manager and staff. It comprises all the corrections, suggestions, and updates from prior versions. Your feedback is also welcome.

We think it is an incredible proposal and offer. It provides a solution to a city dilemma--what to do with the Pulliam Community Building. The building can be its own solution by paying its own way. Furthermore, the project has taken the amazing step and offered to operate it for the city.

Not only can the building survive. It can THRIVE!

This plan takes a city building that is a drain on the budget and turns it into a gain.

Chamber of Commerce Presentation

This presentation was made to the Loveland Chamber to update them on the project and solicity their support. 10/20/2011

Capital Campaign Request of City Council
at Study Session

This request was made to council on July 26th at a study session. Details are yet to be completed, but the concept if fairly simple with benefits for both the community and the city. It calls for our non-profit to operate the building on a long term basis by leasing it from the city for $1; the city matching each dollar we raise for capital renovations; and the city to provide a 3 years declining subsidy as we ramp up operations. 7/26/2011

LDT Update

This slide shows was given to Loveland Downtown Team committee members to update them on the status of the project.

Video Animation of Renovation

Be sure to view the 7 minute video to understand the scope of the renovations and the exciting changes that can occur.




Project Goals

Constructed in the 1930s for use as a community center, the Pulliam auditorium now sits, twiddling her thumbs, under-utilized in downtown Loveland. We need to awaken this sleeping beauty.

Repurposing and remodeling —with air-conditioning, handicap accessibility, restoration and "green" efforts, safety enhancements and upgraded amenities—will revive the spacious auditorium and grand structure. A broad spectrum of events will be hosted in the domed events center, invigorating the core business community located in the heart of Loveland.

Watch here for more details as they develop. Contact us if you need more information or would like to be involved in the "center" of our community.


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