Pulliam Community Building after renovation.  
      Returning Community to the Pulliam Building

Seventy one years ago, the Pulliams saw the need for a community center—a place where citizens could gather for various cultural and civic events. It was not intended as a profit center for the city, rather a place to support its citizens.

Why Is This Project Important?
The Problem

  • Downtown needs another drawing card to attract business to the core of the city
  • The building costs the city $120,000 per year to operate. Closing the doors doesn't solve any problem, it would present a blight image for downtown and the city would still have the expenses. Raising rates will drive current users away and new users won't come because it lacks current amenities
  • There is strong demand for non-profit and community use

The Solution

  • Renovate the building to meet current codes so that it can be fully utilitized. This allows the City to rent space that currently is not bringing in any revenue. Instead of an drain on the budget, it can produce a gain. It can be its own solution and bring in more revenue to downtown.
  • It complements the Rialto Bridge and other downtown projects

The Impact

If the unused auditorium held only 100 events of 200 people a year, that is 20,000 new visitors to downtown. With the other increased usage that number could double. The city would see a boost in sales tax revenue.

The City will spend over $1.2 million over the next 10 years on the building. It is responsible for the building. Locking the doors doesn't absolve them of that expense to the budget. If renovated, the City can turn an unproductive asset into a revenue generator.

In 2010, the basement was used over 300 times! There is ample demand for affordable community space. The space needs to be updated to attract new users.

Repurposing the auditorium into a multi-prupose facility is the most viable option for the City at this time. It saves substantial amounts of money

Be sure the review the plan and other recent slide presentations.

Today, there are a number of incredible commercial event locations that can host the finest weddings and conventions. The Pulliam will provides a flexible, affordable space for community events. Many clubs and non-profit organizations can’t afford the more luxurious accommodations in Northern Colorado.

•Potential New Users
–*Church. Sunday morning services and other spaces
–*Private school needing graduation ceremony location
–*Goodtimes Dance Club bi-monthly
–*Boy’s & Girl’s Clubs spillover for large art event
–Lincoln Center hardwood floor requests
–*Non-profit fundraisers
–Small conventions with museum and Rialto
–Downtown event indoor spillover
–*Photographic workshops and meetings
–*Service clubs for regular meetings
–*Northern Colorado community band fundraiser
–Parks and Rec dance instruction space
–In the round theatre event
–*Square dance regional convention
–*Stone Age Fair expansion of event
–School fundraisers and holding a dance
–*Monthly ballroom dances by private individuals
–*Loveland Sweetheart Ball
(Those with an asterik have discussed using the facility.)

Anyone needing a large space and stage and especially a hardwood floor will find the renovated auditorium a gem.



This project can restore a beating heart within Downtown Loveland.

Current Status

  • Pulliam Auditorium has had minimal use over decades
  • Auditorium is deteriorating and lifeless
  • Balcony is used for storage
  • Basement and meeting rooms are in demand but could be used more with improved ammenities
  • Solid structure of historical importance with unique architecture

The Need

  • Affordable event location for:
    • receptions, ballroom dancing, fundraisers, recitals, demonstrations, socials, fundraisers, meetings, conferences, festivals, lectures, and more
  • Flexible, large, open hardwood floor space
  • Immediate results—community asking for action instead of more studies on downtown revitalization

The Opportunity

  • Resurgence of interest in revitalization of Downtown Loveland
  • Resurgence of interest in ballroom dancing and similar social events
  • Desire for Downtown attractions to bring patrons to support businesses
  • A tangible catalyst for Downtown
  • The Pulliam family and the City of Loveland anxiously want the building used

The Method

  • Repurpose the auditorium by removing fixed seating to create a multi-purpose event location that is the largest in downtown Loveland.
  • Improve ammenities
  • Upgrade to meet fire and code requirements
  • Update for with elevators and restrooms to meet handicapped accessibility requirements
  • Add air conditioning system

The Results

  • Full use of the 20,000 square foot building with over 4500 square feet of open, flat, unobstructed maple hardwood floor in just the auditorium
    • Room can be used for more than just stage presentations
  • Community gets an events center without building a new building
  • Affordable space for non-profit organizations to rent
  • 300+ occupancy
  • Entire building to receive air conditioning
  • More patrons for Downtown shopping and dining
  • An historical building preserved

The Benefits

  • Cheaper than both new construction and demolition
  • The City would save over $1.2million over the next 10 years.
  • An historic building gains new life
  • More nonprofits, civic clubs, and citizens get to use the building
  • Downtown economy boosted
  • Legacy of DT and Lillian Pulliam continues in positive light
  • Pulliam gift to Loveland 71 years ago keeps on giving rather than deteriorating
  • Other rooms in the building will be used more

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