Pulliam Community Building Foundation

Latest News!


President Norman Rehme delivered our $500,000 check to the Loveland City Council on Tuesday April 4th as a matching grant for first phase remodeling of the Pulliam Community Building.


This is a major milestone for our foundation. It secures $1.5 Million from the City for a $2 Million renovation of the auditorium.


Also, the City of Loveland secured a $326,000 grant from DOLA.




The Financial Feasibility Study by BBC Research & Consulting was presented the evening of October 11th. Be sure to read their report and additional ways to generate revenue at the building.


Click Here for the Study Report.

Matching Grant for City Increased


Our foundation was provided a major grant by the Pulliam Charitable Trust and that has made it possible to make this restoration a reality. It means the family of D.T. and Lillian Pulliam are behind this project 100%.



A community effort is underway to revive and renovate the historic Pulliam Community Building at 545 North Cleveland in Loveland, Colorado.


The Pulliam Community Building Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, is at the focal point of the Restore Pulliam project. We are working in partnership with the City of Loveland.


It is vital that we preserve, reuse, and care for this solid asset in the core of our community. With everyone's help, we can see life return to the auditorium of the Pulliam Community Building.


Constructed in 1938 for use as a community center, the auditorium of the Pulliam Community Building now sits empty-- twiddling her thumbs and under-utilized in downtown Loveland. We need to awaken this sleeping beauty. The rest of the building is used, but well below its potential.


By re-purposing and remodeling the auditorium, a broad spectrum of events can be hosted. The spacious auditorium is a grand structure. The resulting benefit will be more visitors to businesses located in the heart of Loveland.

Project Goals



A restored Pulliam brings thousands of additional visitors to Downtown and generates new economic activity.



A creative solution to the current budget drain that includes a public-philanthropic partnership for both renovation and operation.



This idea protects Loveland’s heritage by restoring a gem of local history and creates a functional, marketable venue out of an existing asset.



Restoration converts a limited use space to a variable use space that is unique, affordable and intended to serve groups and events of all sizes. Seeing is believing.